3 Backyard Studio Shed Designs for the Artist in the Family

September 2, 2016   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  In Focus

Backyard Studio ShedMost people use sheds for storing gardening tools. However, they don’t realise that these sheds are actually great as office spaces, especially for the artist in the family. With the quietness and peaceful ambience of the garden, backyard sheds are a perfect space for an artist to get inspired and create amazing works.

If you’re an artist, writer, or painter who wants to transform your backyard shed into a studio, here are a few designs to inspire you:

  1. Writer’s Retreat

When covered in cedar slats, a shed can invite a sufficient amount of light perfect for reading or writing. Inside, a compact library can be achieved through the use of wall shelves matched with a small table and chair. You can add a small deck where you can sit and sip a cup of coffee in the mornings or entertain a few guests for an afternoon chat.

  1. Photographer’s Studio

Photographers can turn their backyard sheds into a studio. Since the dark room is an important component of a photographer’s studio, you should cover the windows of the shed with plastic claddings. This way, you can make sure that the natural light will be diffused before it enters the space. You can also design the exterior with corrugated galvanised sheet to give your studio an industrial appeal like the sheds seen in ShedsDownSouth.com.au.

  1. Artist’s Workshop

When you’re a painter or a wood carver, you need your own space where you can create your work all day long. Sheds-turned-into-workshops are usually spacious with a tool storage in one corner. In addition, these workshops often have large windows to make the most of the natural light. But, it won’t hurt to install a translucent glass in the windows to filter the harsh sunlight.

When transforming a backyard into an artist’s studio, always remember to pick a design that would suit all your needs. And it should reflect your individuality as an artist. After all, this space should inspire and motivate you to become the best artist you can be.