3 Ways to Incorporate Branding in Web Design

March 30, 2017   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  In Focus

Online Branding Branding is essential in any business. It allows you to promote your company in a truly unique and creative way. Other than print and advertising, it is also important to incorporate branding into your website. Here’s how you can do that.

Realise the Importance of a Logo

A logo design is important in any business; it is a graphic representation of your company, its services, and general aesthetic. Without it, customers cannot accurately identify your organisation, making it necessary to create one for your business. After securing a logo, incorporate it into your website. Make sure that customers can see it as it is an important part of your branding strategy. Put it in a prominent place on your website and ensure that it appears on all pages. Don’t overdo it, though—too much can annoy potential customers.

Select a Consistent Colour Palette

Colour plays a significant role in branding. Apart from aesthetic, your choice of design colours can also stimulate emotions and carry subconscious associations to various things and characteristics. White, for example, typically denotes cleanliness and purity. According to a web design agency in Melbourne, businesses must take advantage of this association to give off the message your brand wants to deliver. If your company sells environmental products, shades of green, brown, and yellow are ideal choices as they signify nature.

Understand and Utilise Tone of Voice

The content of your website—whether posted through images, collateral, or blog—must have a consistent tone of voice that will reinforce your brand’s character and personality. For example, if your brand is trying to cater to millennials, it is ideal to use a friendly and inviting tone of voice. Through this, you can entice people into your website, leading to customer loyalty and business revenue. Know your target market and incorporate their language into web design. You can also use this strategy in online marketing.

When thinking of a branding strategy for web, seek the advice of an agency or a designer with industry experience. Doing this ensures the quality of your effort and the effectiveness of your strategy.