4 Ideal Places To Put Social Buttons

August 1, 2017   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  In Focus
Hand with a Social Media Post-It

Hand with a Social Media Post-ItDo you want to increase the number of followers you have on your social media accounts? One of the ways to achieve this is to place the buttons for these at the appropriate places. When you do so, the likelihood of a click or a follow increases because you led a visitor to it successfully with the content you wrote or the visuals you presented.

Experts on website design from Salt Lake City list the following places to put your social media buttons:

Left Side

The usual way people read or browse a page is from left to right, and at the left is where most of the action is happening. If you place your buttons on this part of your content, you increase the possibility of someone liking your page, following you on Twitter, or sharing the post you published.


A trend that many websites follow is to place their buttons within the content. This may improve the chances of new follows and shares because a visitor is already interacting or browsing the article. If they see a button, they might impulsively click on the buttons once they get all the information they need even if they don’t read until the end.

At the Bottom

The bottom of content is an ideal place to put social buttons because the copy before it and the call-to-action may have already convinced the visitor to follow you or share the article or video.

Prominence Over Placing

You may have placed the social button in the right place, but are people seeing and clicking it? This is when prominence comes into the fray. Remember that it must be visible with a distinct color or content around it. The more distinguishable it is, the likelier it is for people to click on it. Put the buttons near the content, doing so makes it easier for readers to know what they are sharing.

Placing your social buttons on the right part improves the possibility of a share and/or follow. However, the button needs to be prominent enough to be distinguishable.