4 Things to Consider Before Buying Used Excavators

March 27, 2017   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Industry Leaders

Huge excavator
Renting heavy machinery such as excavators has its perks. But for people who rely on them for regular work, buying your equipment offers more benefits. There are many diggers for sale in New Zealand and if you’re looking to buy used excavators, here are some things you need to consider before you make a purchase.

Look for bends, dents, and cracks

As a general rule, cracks on a heavy machinery is never a good sign. This is particularly the case if the cracks are found in crucial parts of the excavator such as the stick and bucket. Dents, cracks and bends could also mean that the machine was not used properly by its previous owner. Moreover, cracks could mean that the machine’s overall structure could be jeopardised and you surely don’t want to buy a used equipment that will cost more to replace or repair.

Check the hydraulics for any signs of leakage

Dents, cracks and bends are not the only signs of misuse of an excavation equipment. If you see any signs of leaks in the machine’s hydraulics, it’s not a good sign either. During your inspection, you need to check the hoses, lines, and cylinders for any leakage. If there are any leaks, look at another unit. Operators should be able to repair any leaks in the machine before they sell it. Of course, unless you’re buying a discounted excavator “as-is” and agree to handle all the repairs yourself.

Check how old the tires are

Tires are often overlooked, but they are crucial parts of earthmoving equipment. If you notice that the tires are worn out, cracked or severely damaged, look at another unit or have it replaced before purchasing. How old the tires are can help determine if you’re getting a good used equipment. Remember that the standard life of excavator tires are approximately 5,000 hours. Knowing the number of hours the current tires already rendered can help you determine if you need to buy replacements soon.

Making Smart Choices

Different machines require a set of specific inspections before making a purchase, especially if you’re talking about second-hand equipment. So take your time and look for the right one that will get you your ROI and not leave you will more repair needs.