6 Ways to Maximize Employee Productivity in the Workplace

April 11, 2017   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Economist's View

Business Meeting in an OfficeAs a business owner, aka the boss, it’s your responsibility and in your best interest to make certain that your loyal and hardworking employees are comfortable and productive while they work.

Here are six easy and practical guidelines to make your employees’ working environment more productive and comfortable as can be.

1. De-clutter your Space

Keep office clutter to the bare minimum. Research has shown that majority of people do not feel comfortable nor productive when they’re environment is filled with clutter. Consider renting storage units for various office knickknacks or moving to a bigger space if at all possible.

2. Provide Ample Natural Lighting

Ensure that all your employees could bask in natural light. Newer lighting choices such as CFL or compact fluorescent light bulbs closely resemble natural lighting; so look around for the most appropriate options best for your office.

3. Control the Temperature

Check where vents and temperature controls are located, as well as your employees’ ability to easily regulate your room’s temperature. Consider installing heat-blocking curtains or blinds to effectively control increases in temperature or repositioning workspaces so that your employees won’t be placed under intolerably sunny areas or HVAC vents. Check your windows’ placements as well.

4. Splash Some Color

Many studies have indicated how color could positively or negatively impact a person’s productivity. Use color psychology to determine which colors would best fit your office environment to maximize productivity. Don’t forget to throw in some colorful accents as well. But first, check with your landlord (if you’re renting) if there are restrictions on redecorating or repainting.

5. Physical Comfort is Key

Your beloved employees probably spend almost all their time every single day working on their desks, staring at a computer screen, and sitting on a chair. Making certain that all your employees’ workspaces are designed for utmost comfort is vital to ensuring your employees are productive, healthy, and happy. According to Main Street Office Furniture, a manufacturer of top selling office furniture in Salt Lake City, poorly designed and constructed furniture could lead to various health issues and in turn compensation claims. You wouldn’t want that right?

6. Let the Outdoors In

Research has shown that having plants inside the office could increase worker productivity. Health-wise, they likewise help in getting rid of bacteria and mold by effectively filtering the air inside your office.

The productivity and comfort of your precious employees are essential to your business’ success. Incorporating the tips above would go a long way towards ensuring that each and every one of your employees would be working at their optimum level, which in turn helps assure that you get the most out their talent and time, and ultimately your investment.