Appeal to the Senses: How Web Design Should be Done Right

November 25, 2017   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Industry Leaders
Man doing web design

Man doing web designStarting a website is not just about buying the domain name and copy-pasting the link everywhere. For an effective website that draws traffic and keeps viewers coming back, you want more than just walls of text and images.

Here’s how you should design your website for best results:

Making It Visible

What’s a website without visitors? It will just be a dead page hidden in the depths of the internet. That’s not what you want for your business website, so make sure you are working on on-page SEO. Denver’s businesses have websites with all the flare and pomp but only focus on those after you have paid attention to the basics. Use the right keywords and track where traffic is coming from so you can concentrate your efforts on your biggest traffic sources.

Making It Accessible

Every internet page is important. Your homepage may be working properly, but don’t stop there. Check that there are no broken links because they mean you are not able to provide visitors with the information they want. Broken links may arise from changes you made to the hierarchy of pages and folders in your server, and misspellings may also cause a link to redirect to an error page. A dedicated team can check the accessibility of your website routinely to avoid downtime.

Making It Scalable

Site visitors may be on different devices when they’re accessing your website. Regardless of the device they’re using, they should have no problems accessing the homepage and viewing the pages. You may choose to set up a different mobile website provided that it will still offer full functionalities, but you can also set up the website to be mobile-friendly. Check that it is optimized for mobile use so visitors will know you care for their user experience.

Your website should be fully functional. That means pages should link somewhere relevant, and that they can be viewed by visitors on whatever device they are using.