Beginning Your Career in Protection

October 21, 2016   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Industry Leaders

Protective ServicesProtective services are among the highest-valued lines of work. If you feel you may be suited for this career, here are the things you need to look into:

What It Entails

Decide on the type of security professional you want to be. Your initial training can depend on the type of job you wish to take. Bodyguards, for example, are generally tasked to escort clients but, sometimes, the client may need one who knows how to operate different types of vehicles. Location security officers are tasked with keeping an area safe be it airports or a store. You may even be tasked with guarding an event. In this type of job, you will need to examine people who enter your area of responsibility and keep harmful elements from getting in.

Getting Your License

Obtaining a security license requires completing police training in your state. Police training requires having a minimum Year 10 education. From there, you may take a variety of courses depending on what you want to specialise in.

Security license basics include training in handling basic security tools and creating a safe environment. Safety awareness will give you a good grasp of first aid, from performing CPR to bandaging wounds and burns. Only after you’ve completed your training can you apply for a security license. Each state has different requirements so if you are applying for a license in QLD, make sure to read up what they require of security professionals there.

It Pays to Be a Protector

If you have a standard security license, you can expect to receive a minimum annual salary of 35,000AUD. Getting a degree in higher education means you can take on higher positions. This also translates to correspondingly higher salaries.

Be Prepared

Take measures to secure your own family and plan ahead so they will be cared for, should anything happen to you. Make sure that they, too, understand the kind of work you are involved in. Understanding your passion will help them take as much pride in your work as you do and be more mindful of others on the same career path.