Brand Identity: How You Can Strengthen It

November 7, 2016   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Industry Leaders

Brand Identity in MelbourneBranding is as important to big and small businesses, regardless of their niche. It is the heart and soul of a company, and their differentiating and positioning point of any organisation who wants to become a market leader. Building identity is the first step of the process, here’s how you do it.

Defining Who you Are

Digital creative agencies in Melbourne noted that you need to know who you are as a brand. Are you an affordable or luxury good? Are you young and hip or likely to attract middle-aged men and women? Understanding and defining your identity is the first step to creating a strong identity. Identify which markets you are strong in and what drives traffic to your website. Analytics allows you to determine the interests, behaviour and other pertinent information about your target market.

Nurture It Like a Person

Treat a brand like a person; it needs attention and a lot of nurturing and guidance. You need a coherent approach to building a strong identity. Pour some effort and resources to help it learn how to talk, walk and convey a message about what you stand for and what your value proposition is.

Brand Messaging

Part of any brand identity building strategy is messaging; you need to have a powerful, coherent and meaningful message that your target audience can relate to. This must contain your value proposition and differentiation point. It helps that you use a persona or a face that your customers can connect with.

The medium you use to convey this message must also jive with your persona and market. Will Facebook or Instagram be a more effective platform? Will blog posts every week improve conversion rates and engagement?

A brand identity can make or break your company’s foray into a certain market; building a strong one enables you to become a market leader and win over the hearts and minds of your audience.