Can You Carry Weapons for Self-Defense in Louisiana?

May 10, 2017   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  First Take

Person holding a firearmLouisiana isn’t the Big Easy for nothing. It has one of the most vibrant communities with the Mardi Gras attracting thousands of people from all around the world. While clubs dominated other metropolitan areas, the speakeasies still rule here, especially in the French Quarter.

The state, however, has the notoriety of having one of the highest crime rates in the United States. In fact, it ranks first in terms of murder and non-negligent murder in 2015! As someone who’s planning to live here or are already a resident, perhaps you’re thinking of carrying your own weapon. Before you visit an arms store in Slidell, Louisiana for a stun gun, know if the state allows you.

Can You Carry a Gun in the State?

In general, the answer is yes. The state is one of those that recognizes that ownership of weapons, particularly a gun, is a basic fundamental right protected by the constitution. In the state, you can carry a gun openly or conceal it, although there are certain areas where you cannot bring your weapon. These places include government buildings, schools, and establishments that sell alcohol. You cannot carry, use, or own one if you are a convicted felon, below 18 years old, or a drug addict. People with a history of violence are also prohibited.

How about a Stun Gun?

Stun guns, also known as Tasers, are a safer alternative to guns and a good non-lethal self-defense weapon. They can immobilize a person for a certain period, giving you enough time to run away and call for help. In Louisiana, you can buy and possess a stun gun even without a permit as long the purpose is for self-defense.

If you’re uncomfortable bringing along a gun with you, then head to a stun gun store in Slidell, Louisiana, to get yourself the safer option. Besides being able to choose your model and features, you can also talk with the seller about the legal implications and how to operate one correctly.