Certified Foodie? You Probably Didn’t Know These Pasta Facts

September 19, 2016   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  In Focus

 Pasta Facts in JanesvilleWhen someone mentions pasta, all you can think of are the Italians’ deep admiration for this staple. Every time you have a meal with your friends in pizza restaurants like Pizzeria Vecchia, you always boast about how much of a foodie you are, knowing everything about every cuisine around the globe. Yet, you probably don’t know these facts about pasta.

False: Marco Polo introduced pasta to Italy.

Italians might have a claim on pasta today, but it is not where it initially came from. History reveals Chinese consuming pasta as early as 5,000 B.C. During the 12th century, the popular legend shares that Marco Polo brought noodles to Italy. However, historical documents point out that pasta-making existed in the pre-Roman Etruscan civilization around 500 B.C. They created their own pasta by breaking the grain using rocks and combining water to form a dough.

False: Tomato sauce was always mixed with pasta.

Contrary to popular belief, tomato sauce came at a later time. People have been consuming pasta for centuries before they thought of adding tomato sauce to the mixture. The main reason is that tomatoes only became available in Europe in 1519. This was the time when Cortez, the Spanish explorer, brought tomatoes from Mexico and presented it to the region. Afterward, pasta and tomatoes became an iconic recipe in Italy before they added meatballs to the mix.

False: You can mix different kinds of pasta with any sauce.

Just because you think all kinds of pasta only differ in shapes, doesn’t mean you can pair it with any sauce. The pasta that is long and flat, like linguine and fettuccine, is ideally matched with creamy sauces that stick to its shape better. Meanwhile, chunkier and thicker tomato sauces will taste better with a pasta that has a spiral, tubular or short shape like fusilli and rotini.

These are just some of the fascinating realities of pasta. No matter how much of a foodie you are, you will always miss out on some of the interesting facts.