Choosing the Right Racking System for Your Warehousing Needs

May 23, 2017   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  First Take

WarehouseChoosing a warehouse rack system can be a challenge. The process requires a great deal of effort and consideration. Getting the wrong type of storage system can take a toll on the flow and profitability of your business operations.

Here are some important considerations when choosing a racking system for your warehousing needs:

Internal perspective

Taking a closer look at your business is the first to do when choosing a racking system or warehouse design. Make sure you have taken into account the need for enough space and formulated a flexibility plan to adapt to any unforeseen changes in the business.

Overall Cost

The cost of installation and the racking system itself should also be considered. Go for a system that provides the best storage solution, rather than the cheapest option available. In addition, be ready to spend more whilst enlisting the help of warehouse planning and installation specialists.

Space Utilisation

Wasted space is a waste of money. A well-designed racking solution aims to minimise the amount of space that is useless. Decide on a solution that will make the most of all unoccupied space.

Ease of Assembly

This is a significant factor, particularly if you intend to install the racking system by yourself. Many systems require the need of specialist training to assemble safely. Cantilever racking is popular because it is quick and easy to install.


The type or level of access required will greatly depend on the type of merchandise, the frequency of stock rotation and the movement of operational systems used in dispatch. In addition, how you want to access your products determines the design of your warehouse and racking system.


There will be forklifts and other machinery moving inside the warehouse, so your racking system must be durable. Prioritise quality, safety and performance when choosing a storage system for your warehouse.

Planning and designing a warehouse is not an easy task, but with proper considerations and careful decision making, you can identify the right storage system. If you are having difficulty choosing among a wide range of options, ask for professional help.