Content Marketing Trends that Will Shape Digital Media this Year

March 31, 2017   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Financial Sense

Digital Media

Content marketing is an effective strategy for businesses that wish to distribute relevant and valuable information to attract customers. It is one of the most sought after marketing techniques today. If you would like to know about content marketing trends and how it can help your business, read below.

Effective Email Marketing

Even if social media continues to dominate online platforms, email remains as an essential approach when it comes to cultivating and growing audiences. Email is incredibly useful in the B2B market, especially when there is a need to reach more prospects, share in-depth information, and nurture business relationships. Also, companies prefer to use email than social media channels when communicating professionally online.

Better Use of Visual Content

At present, marketers and businesses prefer sharing content with visuals. Images and other visual aids have become necessary in articles, status updates, and online promotions. The demand for graphics has grown increasingly that according to an online advertising agency in Melbourne, most of their clients requests images which they can use for their online channels.

Growth of Interactive Content

Interactive content will continue to thrive as customers seek higher and better levels of engagement with businesses. Surveys, quizzes, maps, and virtual reality experiences can develop and attract audiences. Marketers must take advantage of this strategy as interactive content effectively produces online traffic thus increasing company exposure, customer engagement, and overall revenue.

Better Ways to Distribute Content Effectively

As content develops, the channels and techniques that distribute them are growing as well. Take Facebook and its instant article feature, which allows users to read articles quicker and more easily. Sources say that Google is planning to introduce an instant article format for mobile users, too. Digital media continues to offer more options for publishing and viewing content, making competition tougher and content better.

Regularly publish content and attract an audience of your own through the aid of content marketing. With so many businesses utilising this technique today, it is only right to take the challenge as well.