Create Effective Brand Personas With These Techniques

August 8, 2017   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  The Board Room
Concept Design for Marketing

Concept Design for MarketingAre you looking for ways to add another dimension to your marketing campaigns? One of the techniques to diversify your advertising efforts is to create brand personas. The latter adds a face to your company; someone whom your audience relates to. A PR company in Melbourne cites the following techniques that allow you to utilise this approach effectively:

Build from Within

What happens when you re-invent the wheel and try to create a new personality for your brand? You may lose equity, confuse your audience and give up valuable positioning to the competition. When you create a persona, you do not have to build one from scratch. Look within your company. Examine your business’ values, messaging and value proposition. All these are important factors in making the ideal persona that your customers can relate to.

After looking within, look into the outside. This means understanding your customers. What are their quirks, buying behaviours and age group? How they perceive your company? These specifics allow you to slowly mould your persona. Make sure the image works for you and your audience.

Use Data

You need to gather the data mentioned above and interpret it accurately. You may already know the age group, gender, and interests of your audience. But the way you analyse and put it into action is important. You can get information through different ways. These include social profiles, email subscriptions, customer feedback or surveys.

The Elevator Pitch

Once you have a persona, it will be up to you to send the appropriate message to your potential customers. At this stage, the messaging is how you characterise your products and services to a particular person. Clarity is important here. You want to filter uninterested people from those who are looking for the solution you offer. Once you hook a person with the message, the elevator pitch goes into detail about who you are, what you do and how you can solve his or her problem.

This strategy of branding allows you to reach your audience effectively. It will deliver a consistent message and will humanise your business to audiences.