Creating Websites with Impact in 9 Effective Ways

April 12, 2018   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Financial Sense

Team discussing website designA website allows you to showcase products and services to the public. Creating a website can make or break your marketing plan, though. How do you ensure that it will create an impact on your customers? Web design agencies in Jupiter, Florida recommend these tips:

1. Choose a unique .com name.

Keep your domain short yet speaks to your brand. If the .com version of your desired website name is already taken, try to look for another domain extension (like .net or the area-specific instead of making a longer version.

2. Be true to your company’s identity.

Design your site appropriately. Choose colors that would highlight your products, not confuse your visitors.

3. Make it user-friendly.

A great website is easy to understand. Each page should be visible and the whole site should be easy to navigate. For e-commerce sites, the transaction should be smooth.

4. Create engaging content.

Your website should put your company in a great light. The copy should be concise and well-written; it should be free from grammatical mistakes.

5. Gather testimonials from your customers.

Nowadays, people tend to look for ratings from previous customers before paying for a product or service.

6. Use professional-looking photos.

Some — if not most — people scroll for interesting photos before actually reading a site. Make sure your photos are “thumb-stoppers.”

7. Your contact numbers should be readable and easily seen.

Most contact numbers are at the top right of the main page. These should also be written on every page for easy access. If you have a physical store, it’s also a great idea to include a map.

8. Secure passwords for your accounts.

Strong passwords ensure that your site will be difficult to hack. There should be consistent updates that ensure safety from new security issues.

9. Choose a digital agency that can help your business get hits on Google AdSense.

It may be tempting to do your website yourself, but it’s best to leave the task to professionals. A web design agency can help your company with their SEO and marketing expertise.

Whether you’re launching a website or you’re simply updating it, it’s important to take note of what qualities make a great website. With an effective website, your online presence will truly be felt.