Dealing with Water Damage: Filing Insurance Claims

June 14, 2017   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Economist's View

Fire damaged houseThe stress of dealing with water damage doubles when filing for claims. You can minimize the stress, however, with these following tips.

Don’t clean up just yet.

Your initial response might be to clean up or fix the cause of the damage but try to take photos or videos of the damaged area first. The photos or videos can be used to support your claim if you ever need to dispute your insurance company’s decision or offer. This documentation is most important in situations where you have to make urgent repairs before the insurance adjusters arrive. Make sure, however, that you only do urgent fixes to stop further flooding. Keep a record of fixing expenditures and make sure to store receipts properly. These will be attached to your insurance claim.

Check if you’re covered and what’s covered.

When the immediate emergency has been addressed, review the coverage of insurance, limitations, exclusions and filing deadlines. United States Adjusters warns that most insurance companies deny pipe break claims because it is hard to determine the cause of damage. They recommend that homeowners hire public adjusters from the start of the claim process. This allows homeowners to have an assessment from adjusters who do not work for the insurance company.

The Balance’s recommendations are preventive. They advise homeowners to inquire about extra coverages in addition to getting the most suitable insurance for their home. They also advise that homeowner should make sure that they understand all coverages and maintain their house properly.

Gather the required information and documents.

Make sure to record the date and location of the water damage. With the help of your hired adjuster, create a complete list of damaged items. List down all expenses related to the water damage and keep all receipts for each cost. You can include lodging if you had to stay somewhere else until cleanup and repairs were done. Review what other requirements your insurance company requires when filing claims.

Trying to keep a level head in a tough situation and preparing the necessary documents can make filing claims less stressful. It may be tedious, but it will all be worth it when you can prove that the damage to your home should be covered by the insurance company.