Different Ways to Group Ads for Paid Campaigns

August 23, 2018   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Financial Sense

employees brainstorming in the meetingAre you wondering why you aren’t getting the results you are looking for with paid search? It may be because you lack the knowledge of how to effectively create and use ad groups. Knowing the latter enables you to identify which keywords work in your target market in Denver.

PPC management experts cite the following ways you can group your ads that improve your campaigns.

Segment by Match Type

This grouping strategy provides immediate positive impact. Regardless of search terms groupings, this uses match types effectively and may already exist in an exact and broad match in distinct advert groups. An example would be the phrase ‘blue jackets’; the latter fits either exact or broad match terms.

When you segment by match type, you gain more control over the most valuable terms on your list. With this approach, you don’t allow tiered bidding to dictate your keywords’ performance fully. Treating them differently enables you to focus on the strengths of each group.

Best Performing Keywords

This grouping strategy is similar to the first one, but not as stringent in scope. Instead of segmenting keywords based on match type, you create a group for queries that consistently convert at a steady rate.

This reduces the number of groups and keywords you use and trims it down to the most effective and high traffic and conversions. This approach takes time because you have to identify which search terms work the best first.

You could start by searching for keywords that convert at a higher rate than the rest from your pool of match search terms. Select the phrases that deliver results weekly and separate them from the rest.

Based on Profitability

This grouping strategy organizes keywords by the amount of profits they make. How you choose which search terms to include depends on your definition of a successful campaign. This approach is value-driven; once you make the group, you don’t have to worry about small details.

These are some ways to group keywords for your upcoming PPC campaigns. Implement these to improve your conversion rates and reach your target customers.