Easy Experience: Understanding the Importance of Good Website UX

July 3, 2017   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Industry Leaders

User Experience on a tabletMost consumer product designers and engineers go out of their way to make their creations as easy to use as possible. Text-heavy manuals and instructions usually preface a complicated affair with a product and is often a glaring indication of poor design. Most users will not bother with something that’s too difficult to comprehend and operate when they’re only looking for something that just works.

Style and Substance

The same principle applies to web design, as user-friendliness should always take precedence over visual flair. A great website lets users find what they’re looking for/do what they need to do without much fuss – it’s that simple. This doesn’t mean that web design has to be stripped of all visual enhancements and go the brutalist route (even brutalist sites have quite a bit of style to them).

Ease of use and visual appeal are not mutually exclusive standards. It’s not an impossible task for a web design company in Dallas to create a site that’s beautiful without diminishing its user-friendly design. Understanding your target audience’s online behavior should guide the design process, as no universal template fits all types of sites, commercial or otherwise.

Real-World Effects of Good UX

A recent HubSpot research shows that 75% of respondents consider finding information quickly as the most important factor in website design. This statistic alone highlights the risk of putting too many gimmicks and superfluous design elements that only hinder user experience (UX). Besides, a site that’s too complicated to navigate or displays content that doesn’t offer anything useful brings down its quality drastically. A website with a terrible UX drives away users, losing valuable business.

Good Design Equals Good Business

Planning and testing website UX goes a long way towards creating a site that’s free from any usability issues. For sites needing a complete overhaul, wireframes provide a redesign approach from the ground up that strips away all visual elements and focuses on structure, flow, content, and functionality.

A successful website helps users solve their problems or address pressing questions. This is only possible with a user-oriented approach to design that customers will surely appreciate and reward with their patronage.