Effective SEO Strategies for Business Websites

September 25, 2018   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  First Take
graphic animation chart of SEO with different brackets

graphic animation chart of SEO with different bracketsSome marketing experts think that link building has diminished the importance of SEO. They assume that all it takes to get a high rank nowadays is quality content. However, this is not the reality.

Recent statistics indicate that the highest-ranking websites are those with high-quality backlinks. The ideal SEO strategies for small businesses primarily depend on their website. Here are the best back-linking strategies for different sites.

Websites with Less than 100 Visitors per Day

At this point in your marketing, the best backlinks are those that attract referral traffic to your site. These are those from guest blogging and social media shares. Guest blogging enables you to boost your brand’s image and build your authority in your niche. Social media shares might not boost your SEO directly, but they give you an excellent platform to increase your brand’s perceived value.

Websites with Authoritative Content

After getting visitors to visit your site, you need to create quality content to keep them glued and attract more clients. One method of doing this is by reaching out to influential niche bloggers in your industry to link back to your content. You can also create internal links to relevant areas in your content. This option is particularly useful for SEO, as it additionally eases your site’s navigation.

Websites without High-quality Content

You might need to outsource your site’s content marketing. While waiting for a budget for content marketing, you can still create useful backlinks to your webpage. The best techniques for this are to buy high-quality premium backlinks or be interviewed on leading domain authorities and then link the interviews to your site.

With the given strategies, you will boost your site’s authority and gain online exposure. However, you should find an SEO expert to help you. A high level of expertise is crucial in executing the strategies correctly.