Enhancing User Engagement: 4 Ways to Make Your Site Interactive

September 27, 2018   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Industry Leaders
a graphic puzzle with the essential parts of web design

a graphic puzzle with the essential parts of web designHaving a functional website is essential for every business. This, though, is not all it takes for it to make an impact. It would be such a waste of resources if you don’t make additional efforts to ensure it stands out.

When you have these in mind and know what you want, seek out the expertise of a professional web designer to set everything up for you. Consider the following features to make your site interactive.

Invest in Content

Engaging content allows your audience to contribute and interact with the message. This way, the readers not only view the content but form a personal connection with it. As a result, there is increased user engagement, high conversion rates, and better retention. Updating your content regularly is also essential. It makes you remain relevant, and users will see the site as a reliable source of information, making it the go-to site for new info.

Encourage Engagement

Any interactive site encourages users to take actions. When designing the website, include plugins that allow social sharing and in-site search. To instill confidence and trust in your brand, inspire your users to send feedback. Use the info to make changes and improve their experience. Allow user-generated content by enabling comments on articles and having discussion forums. Create polls and quizzes, which are considered an interactive content gold mine, and an effective element in getting users involved.

Social Media

The role of social media in driving a company’s agenda cannot be underestimated. How well you use the different platforms will also impact on the performance of your site. Leverage this power by developing shareable content. Most people will share images, videos and daily life hacks. Let the share buttons on the site be easily visible. You could also include a live stream of your social media platforms on the site.

Customer Support

This is especially essential for sites selling stuff and those that require membership. Having an interactive customer support system assures users that you are ready to solve any problems they may encounter. Include contact forms, live chat, and an interactive questions and answers segment. Let these elements be visible and easily accessible.