Expert Strategies for Enhancing Your Website’s Video Content for SEO

April 12, 2018   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  In Focus

Woman Video EditingOnline videos are among the latest internet phenomenon. Internet users stream over 100 million videos daily, and yet most businesses are yet to tap into this potential. This might probably be because of the scarce information on the benefits of video content for your website.

Video content, when handled correctly, will increase your online traffic and boost your search engine ranking. Getting a Minnesota consultant well-versed in SEO services and use of video content will help you get it right. Here are some strategies experts recommend to optimize your web videos for SEO.

Pick the right host for your content

You can opt to host your videos on your company’s website or a third-party site like YouTube depending on your objectives.

If your goal is to maximize views then generate value from them, then a third party site is an ideal option since it has significant built-in traffic. If you are aiming to increase your website’s search referrals, it is ideal to host the video on your site.

Transcribe the video

Video transcription makes your content more likely to appear in general searches on Google. It also caters to visitors who prefer text to watching hence ensuring you capture a wider audience.

Other than enhanced user experience, the transcriptions help your video get indexed and hence rank for a broader range of search queries.

Optimize the video for mobile

Mobile optimization is an integral part of SEO. Your video should be responsive to handheld devices without any hitches. Since more than 60% of your clients will view the video on mobile devices, mobile optimization maximizes your online traffic and consequently, search engine rankings

Getting SEO-friendly video content starts right at its production. Getting an SEO company that will also handle your video production is cost-efficient and ensures its SEO-friendliness. The experts will also ensure the video content keeps up with current trends and is hence relevant to search engines.