Four Pokémon GO Marketing Tactics Every Business Should Try

August 16, 2016   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  First Take
Pokemon Go

Pokemon GoThe ongoing Pokémon GO craze comes with unlimited marketing potentials. Even if you only put up a sign saying “Poké Stop” in your restaurant, you can surely gain a lot of attention from potential diners. With tons of blogs and articles sharing tricks on how to use this in demand game as a marketing tool, several marketing experts have also shared a few Pokémon GO marketing tactics that would work well with most businesses.

1. “Team Valour Day”

Think of any kind of promotion, and then incorporate the Pokémon teams with it. For instance, announce on social media that anyone on Team Valour gets a free drink in your coffee shop on Friday. Just remember to switch up the teams (there are only three of them!) every other week so you’ll attract different sets of customers for this promotion.

2. Be a Poké Stop Filled with Power Strips

If your restaurant is a Poké Stop, game players (or Pokémon trainers, as how they like to call themselves) will definitely pass through your property. But you can let them stay for a while in your restaurant if you offer them power strips. They can charge their low-battery phones for 30 minutes or so, and while they rest, they can grab a few bites from your delectable menu.

3. Host a Pokémon GO Tournament: Beginners Edition

Since not everyone is a top Pokémon trainer, it is better to host a tournament for beginners. Invite all the beginners to come to your bar on a particular day, launch your lure modules, and then see who amongst them can catch the most Pokémons in a given period of time. Treat the winner with a meal, and give the rest a discount or a free drink. With this kind of promotion, everyone will have a lot of fun, including your bar tabs as these players would definitely order a lot of drinks after several minutes of walking around your premises.

4. Create a Pokémon Photo Contest

With everyone taking screenshots of their catch, now’s the perfect time to create a Pokémon photo contest. Encourage your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to submit a creative Pokémon screenshot. Reward the most creative photo with a freebie or any appealing prize. Just remember to use this photo contest to your advantage. For instance, add your company logo in the pictures submitted before you post them on social media to help your brand become more popular online.

These are just four of the many possible Pokémon GO marketing tactics. Try one of these while the game is still hot, or be creative and think of your own way to use Pokémon GO to promote your business.