Getting Through Mourning in the Midst of a Holiday

September 29, 2016   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Industry Leaders

Mourning in the Midst of a HolidayNothing can prepare you for the death of a family member or friend in the middle of a special holiday. Juggling celebrating and mourning can be a difficult task without the proper support. Consider these suggestions to manage the solemn occasion during what should be a festive time.

Make Decisions – Go through your holiday plans and schedules. Decide which traditional activities you can still manage and which you can do without. Festivities may feel inappropriate due to your family's loss, so don't force a celebration if there isn't anyone willing to partake of it. You can have a more formal, but not-so-somber dinner or get-together to replace your regular party if you feel inclined. However, if you don't have a problem with full festivities, then go ahead.

Hire and Delegate – It's wise to hire someone with no emotional connection to the departed to arrange everything. McDougal Funeral Homes recommends asking your burial service provider to give you a funeral director as part of your package. Find the time to discuss all necessary info for your loved one's funeral and burial with your chosen funeral director. If you need additional help, ask your family and friends to coordinate with your funeral director.

Something Different – Depending on how close family and friends will see it, celebrate your holiday but with the inclusion of a mini-memorial rite for the one who has passed away. Choose items from the possessions of your departed ones and give them away as presents, or have a little ceremony in the middle of the program. A moment of silence while a candle is lighted can do the trick or something as complex as a roast. Make sure you get the approval of your guests before you finalize your program.

Of course, you can forego the holiday festivities altogether. However, do consider the wishes of those who have moved on. If you feel that they wouldn't want you to cancel the holidays due to their death, then continue with the holidays by all means.