Growing a Business? Let Pay Per Click Help You Market It Online

April 24, 2018   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Industry Leaders

The Pay Per Click concept showing on a tablet screen Back in the day, small businesses had to advertise their services by nailing paper posters on walls and street posts. Then there came radio and television, which allowed people from afar to hear, see, and learn about businesses.

Now that we have the Internet, it’s easier to advertise. One way of marketing your small business online is through pay per click or PPC advertising. Third Stage Marketing, a trusted marketing agency in Denver explains how PPC works.

Bidding on Keywords

A search engine like Google identifies what words people use when looking for a product or service. For instance, if you need a plumbing company in Idaho, you’d probably type “plumber” or “plumbing Idaho”. Businesses then bid for that keyword, and that keyword will go to the highest bidder.

Creating an Ad with That Keyword

Let’s say you got that keyword. What to do next is to create an advertisement containing that keyword. You can write a blog post or an editorial with the keyword. The link to that blog post or whatever ad you made with the keyword will then be monitored to see how many people will notice and click it.

Letting Customers Click on the Ad

You’ll know that many people like the ad you wrote if they clicked on the link from the ad or blog post. The more people click on that link, the higher it will rank in search results whenever a person types the keyword that your ad contains. If your ad about your plumbing service in Idaho is good, then it will appear first whenever someone types “plumbing Idaho” or whatever keyword you chose.

Since the search engine made it possible for your ad to reach more people, you’ll then pay them based on how many clicks were made to the advertisement. You’ll then pay the search engine because your efforts paid off. Now you’ll have more people talking about your growing business, thanks to pay per click advertising.