Have You Heard About Facebook 360 Photos? Use It as Business Advantage

October 11, 2016   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  In Focus

Social Media MarketingYou know how essential social media presence is for your business and how important it is to get premium social signals service. Facebook 360 photos is another way for you to use the social media giant to your business’ advantage. By allowing you to build a persuasive 360-degree experience for potential customers on your page, Facebook 360 photos can capture the interest of your target audience and increase your traffic.

Drive Foot Traffic by Displaying Your Store or Products

Heighten the interest of your customers by showcasing your revamped store or your new line of products. Get their attention and boost engagement through the customer’s perspective. However, ensure all your shelves are neatly stacked and your products are complete before you snap a photo.

Try taking the photo before you open your store or after you close it because a lot of customers in the scene can ruin the shot.

Guide Your Customers to Your Store by Sharing Landmarks

Most customers do not usually have the patience to find a place that is hard to locate. Help your customers get to your store by taking photos outside your storefront. This way, they can also have a preview as to what establishments to expect around your business.

Use Teaser Images to Excite Customers

If you want to introduce a new product or unveil a renovated space, show your audience teaser photos or a countdown prior to the reveal. A perfect example is the 360 photo promotion for the movie Ben-Hur, which they shared months before the movie release.

Facebook is one of the major tools used when promoting a business page. This new media format is a great way to lure potential customers.