Is Your B2B Marketing Perfectly Geared For The Millennial Audience?

May 25, 2018   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Economist's View
Employees in a meeting

Eemployees in a meeting

Industrial marketing management with experiential approach will be the key to win a more significant share of millennial business-to-business audiences, as the age group prefers to invest in personal experiences than material things.

It’s also no secret that most millennials are active in online and social media. In the U.S. alone, their adoption rates for websites such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are higher than other age brackets, according to a Pew Research Center study.

Why Online Campaigns Matter

It makes sense to target millennial customers since they would represent 50% of the global workforce in the near future. By incorporating online campaigns into your marketing strategy, your business has the potential to reach an ever wider audience overseas.

That’s because millennials are known to spread the word about brands that resonate with their preferences. However, your branding strategy would require an active presence in social media to personalize the connection to a millennial audience. Social media serves an essential role in your brand experience strategy, coupled with well-crafted experiential content such as blogs.

Strategic Content

Blogs are no longer just another way to promote your products or services online. Instead, it has become the most effective way for some inbound marketers to connect with a specific audience and for a good reason.

A survey showed that as much as 74% of buyers are likely to share your blog with their friends and co-workers. Blogs also influenced people whether or not they should patronize a certain brand. Companies that post at least 20 blogs every month are also the most likely to gain online traffic and potential leads. If done correctly, online content can be a useful way to convert these leads into loyal clients.


While B2B marketing generally focuses on the needs of businesses, it’s worth noting to consider how you can help your client gain new clients of their own.