Making Video Marketing for Small Businesses Work

August 17, 2016   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  In Focus

Video MarketingGone are the days when small business owners rely only on flyers and leaflets to advertise their products and services. While larger brands are the only ones who can afford marketing through TV commercials, small and medium-sized businesses now have the chance to make use of video production as a marketing strategy with the help of the Internet.

Using Video Production as Marketing Means

According to, YouTube is the second most visited website across the globe followed by Facebook. Uploading a good video on either site can get you many visitors that could translate to sales in the future. Aside from YouTube and Facebook, there are many other online platforms viewed by millions each day that use video posts. 

If you are asking whether small business video production works as a marketing strategy, Little Raven Pictures and other production experts say that the answer is yes — especially if it goes viral.

Making an Effective Video Production

A video in HD is not all that matters. The message must be clear and must consider the target audience. Therefore, the story outline and script must be well planned out. Video productions that are too long could bore viewers that it is best to limit your video production to less than a minute. Keep your audience engaged by making the video interesting and fun. Lastly, do not forget to end the video with a call to action and allow shareability features.

Why Get a Video Production Company

It is possible to create a good video production at less than $100. In fact, you can make one out of a decent smartphone and free video-editing software. But going the DIY route does not always guarantee good results and could even put your reputation at risk. There are many tasks involved — visuals, voice over, background music, lighting, and editing — that it is better to get a production team to do it for you.

Small businesses can now rely on video production as a way to market their brand. However, only good and effective videos can go viral, attract potential customers, and improve sales.