Responding to 3 Common Customer Complaints without Losing Your Cool

June 15, 2017   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Economist's View

Online CoursesIf you own a brick and mortar business, you’ve probably encountered a situation where you needed to deal with an irate customer at least once. They might be protesting slow service, poor product quality, or negative interactions with the staff, for instance. Whatever the type of complaint, though, it can still affect your business reputation and create an atmosphere of stress and unease among your employees.

You won’t only prevent a situation from escalating but also improve overall customer satisfaction if you can effectively field customer questions. While retail training courses

are certainly very helpful when educating your staff for more complex customer interactions, here are some simple responses you can use for three common complaints without losing your cool.

1. “I’ve been waiting forever!”

If a customer must wait in line for the checkout counter or wait for a product to arrive from the stock room, acknowledge the fact, thank them for patiently waiting, and let them know you’re working hard to speed up the service. A statement like, “We have taken note of your concerns and appreciate your patience on the matter. Rest assured that we’re doing our best to resolve it, so we’ll be able to serve you as quickly as possible.” should cover your bases well enough until you resolve the issue.

2. “I asked three people, and no one has given me an answer.”

Tired and testy customers want straight answers, and they will react negatively if you pass them off to other members of your staff. When faced with this issue, go the extra mile to resolve it. Try a variant of this line: “I’m sorry for that. I will personally take care of this for you.” and remember to follow through with your promise! Words are well and good, but they’re best paired with concrete actions.

3. “​It seems like you don’t even care.”

Customers might get offended if they feel like you’re apathetic to their problems. Resolve it by proving that you are on top of the issue, working hard to make things right. Tell them: “We do care, and we are doing everything to resolve the problem.” Once again, be sure that you can put your words into action. Customers who know that you are on their side will most likely be more cooperative and give you more leeway as you try to resolve the issue.

While the customer is not always right, it’s important that you don’t simply dismiss their concerns and make them feel irrelevant. Make sure always to address any matter that they bring up to you professionally. Be calm, know what to say, and put your words into action.