Social Media Platforms to Improve Your Practice’s Reach

September 4, 2017   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  In Focus

Instagram homepageSocial media is a potent platform, regardless of the profession and niche, because it provides you with a way to reach your audience effectively. Some dentists do not use these profiles because they think it comes off as unprofessional. However, they are wrong, because Facebook, twitter and others provide you with platforms to attract more patients to your practice.

Experts on dental social media marketing cite the following ways you can leverage the platform to your advantage.

Create and Maintain a Blog

Create a blog specifically for your website; this platform provides you with a relatable way to connect to your potential patients. This makes it easier to disseminate information about your dental services and the types of problems your audience may experience. You can also make the posts personal; talk about office news, the new team members or the latest certifications you gained to better serve a patient. These personalise your image and improve your branding; both of which allow you to attract more clients.

A blog separates you from the competition; it gives your practice a distinct name and brand. This is what you need in a specialised niche that has similar services.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is no longer a website that connects people across borders; it has also turned into a platform for niche communities. The work does not end after you create a profile for your practice. Use the account to reach out to your potential patients and create a community with them. Discuss dental problems they might encounter, if they fail to get treatment immediately or the advantages of getting implants.

YouTube Videos

Video marketing is a viable approach for dentists because it provides a multimedia platform to discuss potential dental problems and solutions. If someone sees some of the steps of a procedure and its benefits, it may help them decide to visit your office.

These are a handful of the platforms you can use to reach your audience and improve conversion rates. Social media allows you to personalise your approach and reach potential patients effectively.