Strategies for Boosting Your Website’s SEO

September 13, 2018   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  The Board Room
Man taking out an SEO block

Man taking out an SEO blockMany off and on-page elements influence your website’s SEO rank. One of the essential on-page factors is your header tags. These tags make it easy to scan your web’s content and make the material enjoyable for your visitors. Header tags also provide keyword-rich content for search engines.

Harnessing the power of a header tag to boost your rank is not an easy feat. In Minnesota, SEO experts can use header tags to improve your site’s publicity. Here are some strategies that these experts might recommend for your website:

Keep the Header Tags Consistent

Maintaining a consistent user experience is essential to keep visitors on your page. Stick to one title case format across your pages and keep the tags short. This strategy keeps the tags from looking like obvious bait for search engines and raises your visitor’s expectations of your content. The rule of thumb is to have an equal length for your header and title tags.

Optimize the Tags for Featured Snippets

Header tags make an impact on featured snippets in two primary ways. They can optimize the use of long-tail voice search keywords and outline listed items. Including header tags in featured pieces makes it easy for Google to create a numbered and bulleted list for search engines.

Use the Headers to Provide Content Structure

Each of your header tags should give an idea of what the paragraph below it is about. Your H1 should introduce the topic while the H2 should describe the primary information covered. H3-H6 should be additional subheadings for different sections.

Most website owners nowadays are only paying attention to what they consider the primary SEO elements. The header tag is often overlooked and becomes the weak point of their entire website. Incorporating the given header tag strategies might be the only thing that you need to optimize your web pages.