The 3 Key Elements of Social Media That Can Bolster Your Client Retention Rate

July 26, 2018   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Industry Leaders

Guy pointing to SEO from wall panelThe most influential marketing platform in today’s world is social media. Getting your customers on your page takes a considerable investment of time and money. Ensuring these clients stay hooked on your pages and consequently improve your SEO rank is no easy feat.

Hiring an Atlanta-based company experienced in SEO services and social media is the only way you can be guaranteed this issue will be handled successfully. There are now various features the experts might advise you to use on different social media networks to boost your customer retention and SEO. Here are some of these features.

Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the best-performing visual platforms on social media. You can use Instagram stories to engage clients who might find perusing through long articles boring. You can also use this feature to showcase your services and products or create helpful tutorials and give appealing tips.

Customer Care Chatbots

Among the essential elements of customer retention is customer service.  The ‘new’ voice taking over customer service on social media is the chatbot. Chatbots are computerized programs which efficiently and promptly respond to client queries. You can script them in different ways to reflect your brand’s identity and persuade your customers to stay on your pages.

Facebook Live Broadcasts

More than 90% of Facebook users would rather watch broadcasts than read long posts. A Facebook live broadcast is the perfect way of announcing events to ignite curiosity in your online customers. The live-streams are dual-sided, and you can relate with your viewer throughout the broadcast. You should also push them to keep the conversation on the broadcast going after the video.

Remaining relevant in a fast-changing online marketing platform is essential to get to the top of search engines and remain there. Regardless of the feature you select from the above, ensure you stay active. This is the only method of guaranteeing you get handsome returns.