The Types of Transitions Used in Motion Graphics

August 13, 2018   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  In Focus

Video EditingThere are many types of graphic designs used in marketing. One of these is motion graphics, which includes videos, imagery, animation, audio, and other effects used in film, television, and online media. You can include motion graphics in your branding packages, user interface, explainer videos, and title sequences.

Graphic design experts in Salt Lake City embed transitions into your motion graphics to make the story flow seamlessly and naturally. Without transitions, your content might overwhelm viewers and lose their attention. Here are the common types of transition experts use.

Shape Transitions

This transition uses a shape to fill your screen when changing from one scene to another. It works a lot like a curtain on a stage.

There are two primary categories of shape transitions — geometry and organic. Geometry shape transitions include polygons, rectangles, diamonds, and ellipses. Organic shape transitions, meanwhile, include explosions, smoke, and fluid. They are dynamic and make your graphics compelling.

Transforming Transitions

Transforming transitions use similar elements, such as shapes, colors, and objects, from two chronological scenes to create a seamless transition. The element from the preceding scene transform into a similar element in the next scene. Transforming transitions capture your audience’s attention and create stunning visuals.

Camera Transitions

This is accomplished by camera movements, including pedestal, truck, and pan and tilt movements. A pedestal camera transition involves an up-down movement, while a truck transition involves a left-right movement with an object between the scenes to cover the transition. A pan and tilt transition, meanwhile, creates a sense of limitless space by expanding the field of vision.

Motion graphics are easy to understand, captivating, and can be repurposed for different marketing platforms, especially digital channels. If executed well, transitions turn your marketing motion graphics into a stunning piece of art.