These Websites Will Inspire You to Create a Killer Landing Page

April 2, 2017   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Industry Leaders

A Website Landing Page One of the purposes of a landing page is to get a visitor to convert and move on to the next phase of their buying journey. Although the goal of this part of your website is simple, the actual design and success of a page require strategy and testing. An expert on web development from Melbourne cites the following examples that may inspire you to create an efficient and beautifully designed landing page.


Lyft’s landing page is not just beautifully made, but it hones in on the driver’s intention, which is to earn money quickly. Other than the ‘apply now’ for, prospective drivers have the option to type their city in, and the hours they plan on driving for Lyft to project their potential income. When a visitor fills out the details and clicks on ‘calculate’ the page doesn’t go to a new one. They see an amount instead proceeded by a call-to-action. By providing these two paths to conversion, the company addressed two types of visitors, those who can make the decision immediately and those that want to know more before deciding.

The Professional Wingman

The landing page of the site of Thomas Edwards is about getting a Professional Wingman to find dates. This business is already a creative concept and is catchy enough, but what sets it apart is the effectiveness of its landing page. It doesn’t beat around the bush on what it can do for its clientele. It accurately outlines what their complimentary coaching sessions will achieve, and it has a call-to-action button that is easy to spot.


Cigital’s landing page works because it is simple and has relevant and consistent imagery. The headline is catchy yet straightforward; the site describes its eBooks in a way that visitors can understand the particular value they get when they make a purchase. The call-to-action is also a simple one and stands out with its colour.

The landing page does not have to be flashy; it just has to deliver your message effectively and has a straightforward and easy to spot call-to-action. The samples listed above made their mark on their audience because of their landing pages that display enough information and elicits a specific response.