Top Techniques to Optimize for Searcher Intent

August 20, 2018   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Industry Leaders

SEO in computerIf you want to get ahead of the competition, you need to understand the intentions of your audience. Learning more about their behavior and search intent allows you to customize a campaign around it. Doing so provides you with a better chance of connecting with and converting your customers.

Experts on search engine optimization from Utah cite the following techniques to optimize for user intention.

Target Transactional Keywords

Users who input transaction-specific terms have already decided to take a certain action. If they find your site, you have a good chance of converting. Create pages that have clearly defined roles along the sales funnel, write appropriate meta descriptions and title tags, and integrate the right set of keywords to show Google that your site has the most value compared to everyone else.

Make that particular page easy to make a purchase from or take an action you want a visitor to take. Include clear calls-to-action, provide enough information, and focus the content and language on buying.

Give Value

Google and other search engines put a premium on the value a page gives a user. Provide your intended audience with the information they need, lists, places of interest, reviews, or other similar details early in the process. Doing so makes you stand out from the other websites they visit. You’ll then occupy a valuable position in their minds when they think of making a purchase or recommendations.

Customize Appearance in Results Pages

The appearance of your snippets must align with the intentions of the searcher. The two that will influence your look the most are the meta description and the title tag. If you aim to attract buyers, use language and keywords that revolve around making a purchase. If your objective is informational, use the same approach but customize based on your goal.

These are only a handful of strategies that allow you to optimize for user intentions. There are many others, but when you implement these, you’ll gain an advantage over your competitors.