Update Your SEO With These 3 Fresh Trends

July 18, 2017   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Industry Leaders
SEO Blocks on a White Laptop

SEO Blocks on a White LaptopIs your idea of a search engine optimization still updated? You probably have an in-house team responsible for optimizing your website, implementing some adjustments to make it fare better on search results. How sure are you that they are not still optimizing for keywords alone, though?

The developments in search are rapid and, quite honestly, unforgiving. You’re enjoying a Page 2 ranking today and tomorrow you might not find favorable results until the eighth page. This is not a good sign, especially since more people would rather provide a new query than click beyond the third page.

Work with a reputable SEO Denver firm to stay updated on the trends governing organic and paid search. Here are some reasons for making sure you always have your guard up.

Intent Trumps Keywords

Yes, you still need keywords, and keywords may stay important for a long time. But now, when you use a simple keyword, you can only hope for a simple result. Two developments are responsible for this erosion in useful results with a simple keyword search:

First, people are more precise with their queries because they have a better understanding of how search engines help them. Second, search engines are smarter.

When you optimize for user intent, you are more likely to hit the jackpot. Users enter longer queries because they know these can give them more precise search results.

Mobile Remains Strong

The default user experience is mobile, not desktop. Google itself announced how mobile searches had overtaken desktop searches using its search engine back in 2015, and the leader of search engines has been concentrating various improvements on mobile search capability since then. At the time of this writing, SEO strategies concentrated on mobile search are no longer just a smart choice. They are the first choice, with desktop falling a distant second.

Voice Search is Growing in Importance

Voice search will eventually be the default kind. The move from desktop to mobile has made this inevitable. A mobile device is already capable of supporting this trend by default, but your SEO should not only consider voice searchability. It has to take into account the rising interest in voice “understanding.” Remember that devices, apps, search engines, and users are getting smarter.

Are you still hung up on keyword research? That, it would seem, is the least of your concerns in modern SEO.