US-based Marketing Platform Boomtrain Acquires Messaging Startup from Bengaluru

August 16, 2016   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  The Board Room

BengaluruSan Francisco-based marketing platform Boomtrain announced on Aug. 10, 2016 that it has acquired Nudgespot, a messaging startup based in Bengaluru, India. Boomtrain also revealed that the company will create a messaging app, to be called the Boomtrain Messenger. The app is dedicated to providing businesses with a new means of communicating with their customers.

How Nudgespot Works

Established in 2014, Nudgespot has created a successful multi-channel live chat platform. It offers a chat option that usually appears in the bottom right-hand corner of an app or a website. Once the user clicks the chat icon, Nudgespot will facilitate and integrate the communication into other apps or websites, depending on the user’s choice.

How Boomtrain Works

Founded in 2012, marketing platform Boomtrain has been changing the way marketers engage with their customers. Boomtrain uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to deliver personalized experiences to brand users. It also has a simplified user interface that highly benefits marketers, as it eliminates the complexity associated with semantics, algorithms, and other user engagement indicators.

The Merger

In its last round, Boomtrain raised $22 million from shareholders and received backing from known investors such as Crosslink Capital, Sierra Ventures, Cota Capital, and Streamlined Ventures. Boomtrain plans to integrate Nudgespot’s multi-channel chat platform into its unique A.I. technology to enhance brand users’ web and mobile experience. In addition, the acquisition is intended to raise Boomtrain’s presence in Asia and solidify its expansion in the consumer messaging space.

“We believe that A. . I.-driven bots are still in their most nascent stages, and see messenger as a purposeful component of the broader suite of communication channels,” explained by Boomtrain CEO and co-founder Nick Edwards.

Raveen Sastry, co-founder of Nudgespot, believes that the merge will help his firm extend their services to businesses and marketers that are in need of innovative B2C messaging solutions.

Boomtrain and Nudgespot started collaborating last December 2015. In their offices in Bengaluru and San Francisco, seventy employees from both companies have worked on the product and company merger. Since the last quarter of 2015, they have been developing a communication platform that combines Nudgespot’s multi-channel live chat and Boomtrain’s A.I. technology.

The integrated operations officially began last Aug. 1, 2016. Both teams will continue to work on adding more functionality and solidifying the features of the Boomtrain Messenger during its beta program.