Use Social Media to Your Advantage with These Techniques

August 26, 2018   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  Economist's View

social media symbols on a keyboardSocial media has evolved over the years, introducing fresh features and advertisement platforms that make it more business-friendly. To reach your intended market, effectively use your budget and maximise your profits, you will need to use all the channels available.

Experts on internet marketing in Singapore cite the following ways you can leverage social media and get ahead of the competition:

Find the Right Platform

Not all social media platforms will work for you; the first thing you need to do is identify the site which may work best. Understand the behaviour of your target market. Once you do so, it will be easier to reach out to them. Avoid using all websites, this may dilute your brand message and you might lose focus of your value proposition and intended audience.

Consider the following factors when choosing a social media platform:

  • Potential advantages of using a certain site
  • The types of content you want to publish and share
  • Your intended audience
  • The behaviour of your potential customers
  • The channels your market uses
  • The time you devote to the management of accounts

Timing of Updates

The habits of your target audience play a role in determining the effects of the social media sites you choose. Are your potential customers online at 10am or 9pm? When you understand the browsing and usage of your market, you will know the appropriate time to communicate with them. The timing of your updates improves your chances of converting those that see your published content.

Some samples of the best times to update are:

  1. Facebook – in the afternoon from 1pm to 3pm during Thursdays and Fridays
  2. LinkedIn – from 8am to 5m from Monday to Friday
  3. YouTube – in the afternoon from 12nn to 3pm during Thursdays to Sundays

The Importance of Visuals

Many people have short attention spans; this means you must capture their imagination within a few seconds. Visuals will have an integral role in the success of your campaign. Use photos or memes that relate to your audience. The thumbnail or preview of the videos you upload need to tell enough of the story to pique the interest of potential viewers.