Why Should You Outsource Your Screen Printing Needs?

September 22, 2016   /   byArs Lexis  / Categories :  The Board Room

 Screen Printing in AucklandWith the many DIY tutorials on screen print services, it’s tempting to just hire people to do your own promotional printing. However, unless you’re an actual print company, it’s still a wise decision to order your giveaways from a professional print service. Here are but a few of these important reasons.

More Affordable – Despite thinking that you’re saving with in-house printing, outsourcing your printing jobs can actually save you on your employees’ salary, possible overtime rates, and the purchase of printers along with their upkeep. Besides, your staff unless they are screen printing experts, will mostly damage more of your items during their initial trials and that’s additional assets wasted.

Better Equipment – If you are a company offering screen print services then you would most likely invest on high-standard industrial-type machinery. Since this equipment can churn out orders faster and with better quality than most standard office equipment. Also, they would have more experienced people since printing is their expertise. So, better equipment plus experienced people equates quality output.

Superior Materials – Even if you get from the same source or provider of the materials necessary to create your promotional materials and giveaways, a screen print company will have a bigger chance of getting their items at bulk prices. And if they have been on the market for years, their contacts are likely more extensive and numerous than yours. Expect them, therefore, to find better quality materials than you.

Faster Production – Unlike your people that have other responsibilities and expertise, the print company you’ve contracted have enough time and people to finish your order on time, no matter how large the order is. Of course, the print company’s estimation for both budget and time is still the number of printed items you require, so if you want things rushed, expect to pay extra.

Why spend on staff and equipment when you can outsource it? When you see how great your orders have turned out, you wouldn’t want to do it any other way. Just remember, find a trustworthy company to make your printouts.